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RPC Group of Companies

has opened a subsidiary in China - Henan RPC Agrotech Co., Ltd

About Us

RUSSIAN PEAT COMPANY (RPC) - is a modern dynamic holding in the field of agriculture peat extraction and processing.

RPC develops peat fields, extracts peat and processes it at its own production facilities.

The company uses the advanced high-performance equipment of the world industry leaders.

RPC develops innovative peat products for all types of agrocultures and manufactures ready-made peat products in all existing types and volumes of packaging.

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Верховой торф


  • High moor peat
  • Transitional peat
  • Low moor peat
Переходной торф


  • Screening
  • Mixing
  • Packing
Низинный торф


  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Individual

About Our Peat

верховой торф
Natural organic material
Key factor of a good harvest
низинный торф грунт для цветов
Floral series
or growing all kinds of indoor, greenhouse and street flowers
грунт для овощей грунт для помидоров
Vegetable ser.
for growing all kinds of vegetable crops, having a strong seedling and a rich harvest
грунт для благоустройства плодородный грунт
Landscape series
Soils for landscapes
торф для биотуалета садовая земля
Universal series
Fully finished soils for most plants
торфяной питательный субстрат торф нейтрализованный
Quality control and specially designed formulation
профессиональные грунты
торфяной субстрат
торф верховой для рассады
грунт для теплиц грунт для рассады грунт для цветов грунт для огурцов грунт для томатов и перцев

Packaged Soils

All brands of peat soils are made based on a mixture of high moor and transitional peats extracted by cutting and subjected to additional sorting by fractions. This ensures that our customers get a high repeatability of the results and identity of the product characteristics.

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Professional Soils

As you know, the peat quality is one of the key factors in getting a good harvest. The right peat can both increase the yield of a culture and improve the quality of finished products, whether vegetables or any other plants. Conversely, unsuitable peat can spoil the entire planting.

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Soils for Stores

For our partners, we have prepared a program to develop our own brand and selected the most popular models for the peat soil production under your private brand.

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Casing Soil

We produce casing soil, a special peat mixture for growing mushrooms. When producing the mixture, we take into account humidity, pH level, structure, i.e. all the necessary conditions for a good harvest.

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Landscaping Soils

All brands of substrates are made based on a mixture of high moor and transitional peats extracted by cutting and subjected to additional sorting by fractions and processing.

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Peat Guide
Что такое торф

What is Peat?

​Peat is an organic fossil formed by the extinction and incomplete decay of marsh plants in conditions of increased hydration with lack of oxygen.

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Свойства торфа

Peat Properties

Peat is a great raw material for mulch. The fibrous peat structure protects soil from natural erosion, as well as depresses the pathogenic flora formation.

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использованиe торфа

Unusual Ways to Use Peat

Peat is a useful fossil applied in many areas of human activity.

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