Russian Peat Company presents a book about peatJuly 29, 2020.

On July 29, RPC LLC published a book, “Fascinating Peat Story” which tells about the fossil fuel. The book is authored by peat industry professionals Nikolay Grevtsev, Alexander Syomin, and Irina Grevtseva.

This is a popular science book useful both for the professional community and for gardeners, agricultural workers, and dacha owners. It aims to popularize the Russian peat industry and to show how relevant and eco-friendly organic fertilizers are.

“Russia ranks the world’s first by global peat reserves. According to various estimates, from 40% to 60% of world peat reserves are accumulated in Russia. It is of paramount importance to use these vast resources and to educate average citizens by telling them about resources of our country and by instilling interest in nature. We believe this is one of the goals of our work,” LLC RPC General Director Sergey Merzlyakov said.

The book speaks in plain language about global resources, peat production methods, ways of its use, and various scientific studies. The primary objective of the book is to provide important information to those who know nothing about peat.

“We have tried to avoid a complex language understandable only to specialists in our peat story but instead have spoken about things that concern everyone who lives on our planet. It is important to know about specific features of this fertilizer and to understand where it comes from and how it works for everyone who wants to grow at least one cucumber at one’s dacha. A beginning is not scary if you use our textbook,” Alexander Syomin, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a Doctor of Economics, and an author of the book, said.

The popular science book will help start a peat business, learn more about the eco-system, or simply broaden one’s horizons. Diagrams, graphs, tables and pictures will make the book material more accessible and perceivable.

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