Torfyanaya Polyana harvests 28 438.58 m3 of peat in May

As many as 28 438.58 м3 of peat were harvested from the Chistoye deposit by mechanical and pneumatic methods in May 2020.

Torfyanaya Polyana is a peat extracting division of ECOPROM LLC and a subsidiary of Russian Peat Company.

Before the season opened on May 11, 170 hectares were prepared for peat milling, and field drainage and secondary drains were built on distances exceeding 80 kilometers.

The harvested peat can be used for manufacturing professional and amateur substrates. The peat has a humidity of 45-65% and a packed density of 140-300 kg/m3. The peat has high quality thanks to using modern Finnish and Canadian equipment of the Valtra, PremierTech, and Suokone brands.

The peat meets the highest standards. It will be used to fertilize soil: both professionals and amateurs will be happy with the harvest.

ECOPROM LLC General Director Viktor Ploskina expressed hope for a successful and fruitful season: “The results achieved by us in May set an example of professional teamwork. Hopefully, the season will reach every target indicator!”

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