Russian Peat Company and the Ural State Agrarian University signed a cooperation agreement

A cooperation agreement aimed to integrate educational, scientific research, innovation and material-technical potentials with due account of mutual needs and interests was signed at the TASS venue on August 11, 2020.

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The synthesis of resources and competences of the educational establishment and the industrial enterprise will result in the training of skilled personnel for accommodating needs of Russian Peat Company LLC and will give students of the Ural State Agrarian University a chance to try out their future profession in practice.

University students will be trained for occupations relevant for Russian Peat Company, will write their graduate qualification papers on the subjects and issues pertaining to the peat industry, and will have their internship at the company’s production facilities.

For its part, RPC will provide the involvement of its specialists in the training process, internships of pedagogues and students at industrial facilities, and company scholarships.

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“We are hopeful of fruitful cooperation. It’s our goal to develop the peat industry and to train future professionals capable of carrying on our cause,” ECOPROM LLC General Director Viktor Ploskina said. ECOPROM LLC belongs to RPC Group.

In addition, the sides agreed to cooperate in scientific research and innovative projects. Representatives of the Ural State Agrarian University and Russian Peat Company are due to work together on the development of peat-based sorbents for ecological projects. The synergy between students, pedagogues, and RPC specialists will give a boost to the entire peat industry.

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“We are aware of the steep upgrading of the Smolensk region in the investment climate rating of Russian constituent territories in recent years: it has become one of the top 20 regions of Russia most attractive to investors. I should say that our holding has very ambitious plans – we intend to become a leader of Russia’s peat processing industry within the next three years. We have a potential, a wish, and financial capacity to do so,” Russian Peat Company General Director Sergey Merzlyakov said.

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“The need for integration between science, education and production in the agrarian sector is pressing as never before. Cooperation with RPC will allow us to train marketable specialists possessing both theoretical and practical knowledge and capable of correctly achieving peat industry objectives. What is more, we have planned to conduct scientific research on particular subjects, which will broaden the use of peat in the agricultural sector,” Ural State Agrarian University Rector Olga Lorets said.

Russian Peat Company is a holding extracting and processing agricultural peat. The company develops peat deposits, extracts and processes peat using its own production facilities and highly-efficient equipment made by global majors. It also develops innovative peat products for all kinds of agricultural crops. Agriculture Ministry. For over 80 years, the university has been training personnel for every field of the agro-industrial complex. Nowadays, the university offers training in such popular fields as landscape designing, cadastral engineering, veterinary and sanitary expert service, food technology, agricultural engineering, dog handling, and others.