Peat Properties

Peat is an organic compound formed from the decomposition residues of moor plants. It can be of different types but each of them has a number of useful properties:

  1. Fertilizes depleted soil, restores the ground after pollution.
  2. Gives soil looseness, allows it to retain moisture better.
  3. It is a natural antiseptic, cleanses the ground of bacteria and maintains a healthy microflora.
  4. It is used as a heat insulator.
  5. It is safe for the environment and serves as a filter for natural waters.

Peat is one of the few types of minerals of complex application:

  1. It is used as fertilizer in agriculture and as a substrate in greenhouses when growing various plants.
  2. It is used as bedding material for livestock and as a covering (mulching) material in landscape design.
  3. Heat-insulating material is made from peat in construction, including pressed plates for wall insulation.
  4. It is a raw material in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Peat is also used instead of mud in the treatment of a number of diseases.