Dmitry Suvorov speaks at Russian Days of Mushroom Growing

The Russian Days of Mushroom Growing were held for the 26th time. Traditionally, they addressed aspects of growing, packing, processing and sales of champignons, oyster mushrooms, shiitake and other cultivated mushrooms.

Suvorov held a representation and gave a detailed description of a key area of RPC LLC’s core activity, casing soils that are ideal for mushrooms, as well as ways to increase productivity of nurseries, berry farms, greenhouses with PRC products.

The event was attended by 57 Russian companies representing 80% of the domestic mushroom growing industry, as well as suppliers, sellers and buyers of mushrooms, specialists and scientists dealing with mushroom technologies. The Russian Days of Mushroom Growing 2020 had 139 participants.

The event was aired in Russian and English in 12 countries. There were speakers from the United States, China, Japan, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Poland, and the UK.