RUSSIAN PEAT COMPANY Deputy General Director Lysenko takes charge of International Peatland Society’s National Committee

The world’s most esteemed community of peat developers, International Peatland Society (IPS), has confirmed the list of members of the IPS National Committee in Russia, which is the 17th country to establish and approve a national committee as a demonstration of the special membership status. Previously, Russia was represented by few individual members.

The IPS National Committee currently has 35 members: representatives of research centers, mineral development and agriculture authorities, and peat companies, in addition to agricultural academy students, nursery employees, agronomists and other highly trained specialists operating in the area of peat development and use. Yevgeny Lysenko, head of the casing layer division and deputy general director of Russian Peat Company, took charge of the National Committee in Russia.

The Society aims to organize the joint work for reasonable use and responsible management of peatland and peat development. Its mission is to serve everyone dealing with peatland and peat by offering motivation and gathering, exchanging and transferring knowledge and expertise via events and projects addressing key issues, such as climate change, biodiversity, responsible use, and restoration.

Seeking to achieve its goals, IPS commissions and national committees regularly organize conferences, symposia and seminars and publish results of scientific and industrial studies. The Society held its major event that takes place once every four years, the International Peatland Congress, in the new configuration in May 2021.

The IPS was established in Quebec, Canada, in 1968.

Nowadays, the IPS is registered as a non-profit, non-governmental organization in Finland, which also hosts the IPS Secretariat. The IPS has over 1,700 individual, corporate, student and institutional members from 33 countries.