How to Use Peat Pots

The usefulness of peat pots is greatly exaggerated. So what if they are from peat? If they were saturated with some kind of fertilizer, it would bring at least some benefit. And otherwise? Just a veneer. In addition, when growing seedlings in pots, its roots constantly "freeze", since the cups are constantly wet and moisture evaporates from them, and the surface cools during evaporation. So it turns out that instead of being warm, the roots are constantly cool. It is no good.

The second myth: these peat pots are suitable to plant seedlings directly in the ground. These pots have too dense walls, and many cultivated crops have very soft roots, and how should they punch their way to growth? So sometimes they remain captured in the pot and only a few roots go "free" through the smallest cracks. Peat decomposes very slowly. Only pumpkin can break such pots at the seedling stage.

Peat pots: how to use

If you have already purchased such peat cups, upgrade them, turn them into suitable means for growing seedlings. For this, they should be soaked in humate fertilizer with trace elements – this will serve as nutrition for seedlings and help peat decompose faster. It is advisable to wrap each pot with a film. When transplanting seedlings into the ground, free pots from the film and tear in several points, especially at the bottom.