Soil for Citrus Fruits

Сompletely ready nutritious peat soil for growing all types of citrus crops (lemon, mandarin, etc.) in greenhouses or in pots. Promotes plant survivability and improves their decorative qualities.


When planting (transplanting), use a suitable container, put drainage on the bottom, then fill it with soil halfway. Carefully place the plant in the container not spoiling the ground clod, fill with soil to the desired level, compact, pour water at room temperature.

When grafting by cutting: in the spring, cut the cuttings up to 10 cm long, leave 2-3 intact and healthy leaves on the cutting. Cut the lower part of the cutting at an angle (about 45°) and slightly fill with a stimulator. Then place the cuttings in small containers filled with soil and spray. Cover the cuttings in containers with a film regularly aerating.



The composition of the soil

A mixture of peat of various degrees of decomposition
Limestone flour
Complex mineral fertilizer (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)

Nutrient content

(forms available for plants)
mg/l, not less than
Nitrogen (NH4 + N03) 160
Phosphorus (Р2О5) 190
Potassium (К2О) 220
Acidity: pH of salt suspension, not less than 5,5
Moisture content, not more than 65%