Soil for Orchids

Сompletely ready nutritious peat soil with the addition of pine bark for growing epiphytic plants (for example, phalaenopsis, ascocenda, bifrenaria) and other epiphytic plants at home.


It is recommended to plant orchids between watering when the roots have already dried well.

Carefully inspect the plant, if necessary, remove all the rotten parts of the roots.

Pour drainage (expanded clay) in a planting container with a large number of drainage holes, plant a flower, fill the container with ready-made soil for orchids in the ratio of coniferous bark 1:1, place in a bulk tray. Pour into the pan. You can use soil as the main organic fertilizer before planting, transplanting, or sowing the mentioned crops, as well as for their additional monthly fertilization. When exposing the root system or soil shrinkage, it is recommended to add a mixture of soil with mulching material.



The composition of the soil

A mixture of peat of various degrees of decomposition
Limestone flour
Complex mineral fertilizer with microelements (KMUS-1)
Pine bark

Nutrient content

(forms available for plants)
mg/l, not less than
Nitrogen (NH4 + N03) 100
Phosphorus (Р2О5) 100
Potassium (К2О) 120
Acidity: pH of salt suspension, not less than 5.5 5,5
Moisture content, not more than 65%
Fine pine bark, not less than 10%