Soil for Ficus

Completely ready nutritious peat soil for growing ficuses (monstera and other large-sized plants). It can be used for sowing seeds, rooting cuttings, planting and transplanting plants, as a bedding or complete soil replacement.


Planting (transplanting): take the plant, carefully remove it from the pot without damaging the ground clod. When planting, put drainage (expanded clay), pour a little soil, gently place the plant in a new pot, add soil, lightly tamp, moisten.

When grafting by cutting: pour drainage to the bottom of the container, then fill soil. Make a hole in soil about a centimeter more than the diameter and depth of the root system. Moisten soil in advance and plant the stem in the hole to the bottom leaf, then fill it in and slightly compact.



The composition of the soil

A mixture of peat of various degrees of decomposition
Limestone flour
Complex mineral fertilizer (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)

Nutrient content

(forms available for plants)
mg/l, not less than
Nitrogen (NH4 + N03) 160
Phosphorus (Р2О5) 190
Potassium(К2О) 200
Acidity: pH of salt suspension, not less than 5,8
Moisture content, not more than 65%