Soil for Lawns

Completely ready peat soil for the creation, maintenance and repair of decorative and sports lawns, football fields, ridges, flower beds, alpine gardens, garden beds, and other elements of landscape, as well as for planting, transplanting or sowing plants at the above sites and for monthly additional fertilization of growing cultures.


When laying lawns: dig to the spit, remove weeds, level the surface and add soil level of 8-10 cm. Evenly spread the seeds of lawn grasses on the surface, roll them in with a hand roller or compact using a board, carefully pour over them.

Planting of large-sized plants: mix 1 volume part of soil with 1 volume part of ground removed from the planting pit, fill the pit with a mixture, transfer plants with a root ground clod, pour additional soil on top, slightly compact and water well.

To make flower beds, flower gardens, ridges, garden beds, add soil at the rate of 3-4 l per 1 sq.m to the soil surface and dig to a spit, form flower beds, ridges.

When planting/transplanting small plants, fill holes or furrows with nutritious soil, plant plants with a ground clod, pour moistened soil on top, slightly compact soil around the plant, water it. You can mulch (add soil) around planted plants. Once a month, additionally fertilize with mineral fertilizers in the rain (according to the recommendations for adding the selected fertilizer).



The composition of the soil

A mixture of peat of various degrees of decomposition
Limestone flour
Complex mineral fertilizer (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)
The agroperlite

Nutrient content

(forms available for plants)
mg/l, not less than
Nitrogen(NH4 + N03) 160
Phosphorus (Р2О5) 150
Potassium(К2О) 200
Acidity: pH of salt suspension, not less than 5,5
Moisture content, not more than 65%