Ideal for improving the structure of the substrate, creating an optimal water-air balance.

Provides optimal air supply to the root system and helps remove excess moisture.

It has a positive effect on water permeability, which helps moisture distribution.

Improves moisture and air capacity of the soil.

Pulls up moisture from the lower soil layers in moments of acute water shortage in the upper layer.

Loosens, improves, and lightens structure

We recommend that soils from Russian Peat Company be used as flower soil basis

Our soils exclude the presence of diseases, pests and weed seeds, have the optimum acidity for each plant type, and contain an individually developed composition of plant nutrients. RPC makes a wide range of soils for various types of plants in packages ranging from 2.5 to 50 liters.



Use as/for

Flower soil additive

Add perlite to the flower soil at the 2 to 8 ratio and mix.

Seedling growing

Mix 10% of perlite with 90% of soil, put the mixture into seedling pots, moisten by spraying

Rooting of cuttings

Mix equal volumes of damp perlite and damp soil and fill a pot with the mixture. Place the cuttings in the mixture, compact slightly in place, and water well.

Bulb storage container

Fill a container with perlite to the depth of 2-2.5 centimeters, place bulbs inside and cover them with perlite. Moisten sporadically by light spraying.

Drainage for potted plants

Before putting plants in pots or nursery containers, place 5 centimeters of perlite on the bottom of the container or the pot.