Pine bark


Optimizes water and air exchange

Ideal for rooting cuttings, sowing seeds and growing plants and for mulching to retain moisture.

Improves the substrate structure

Helps plants cope through dry periods thanks to high water retention capacity



Use as/for

Preparing soil for epiphytic plants

Grind the bark to a size of 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 centimeters, mix with the rest of the soil in the 7 to three ratio of 7: 3. The ideal component is the soil for orchids of the Torfyanaya Polyana trademark.

Universal flower soil additive

While preparing flower soil, add grinded pine park to other components (peat substrates, humus, leaf litter, etc.) in the 1 to 9 ratio.


Spread an even 1-2 centimeter layer of grinded bark on the surface of soil in the plant’s pot.

Block for plant growing

Place a small amount of sphagnum between the bark and the plant and fix the plant in the bark. Whenever the cultivation of orchids in orchidariums (greenhouses) is impossible, overlay the blocks with moss and place them in a basket or hang in nets. Plants are recommended to be watered by immersion. Transplantation is required approximately once every 1-3 years.