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Low Moor Peat - Extraction Nuances

Peat is a real treasure which nature has endowed human with nothing required in return.

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Low and High Moor Peat – Differences

Each gardener growing seedlings is familiar with a unique substance – peat, which is used as a soil component.

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How to Use Peat Pots

Дачный сезон начинается с выращивания рассады. Цели выращивания рассады очевидны.

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Tips for Gardeners

Summer season begins with growing seedlings. The goals of growing seedlings are obvious.

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Peat Classification

The botany composition provided by the type of source vegetation, determines the peat type. Three types were identified in total: high moor, transitional and low moor.

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How Is Peat Formed?

Plants causing peat formation are called peat formers. Their dying-off and incomplete decay which occurs in conditions of lack of oxygen and excessive moisture, leads to formation of a useful fertilizer.

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What is Peat?

Peat is an organic fossil formed as a result of dying-off and incomplete decay of moor plants in conditions of increased moisture with a lack of oxygen which is the first stage in transformation of plant material into coal.

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Peat Properties

Peat can be of different types but each of them has a number of useful properties.

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Unusual Ways to Use Peat

Peat is a useful fossil applied in many areas of human activity. It is primarily used in agriculture but it can also bring its benefits in medicine, biochemistry, cattle breeding, etc.

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