All brands of peat soils are made based on a mixture of high moor and transitional peats extracted by cutting and subjected to additional sorting by fractions. This ensures that our customers get a high repeatability of the results and identity of the product characteristics.


The addition of a mineral component (vermiculite, sand, agroperlite, biohumus, etc.) provides the substrates with professional characteristics, increases the service life, improves the buffering and product structure, and also ensures the best result.

The peat is porous, airy, without pathogenic microflora - this makes it light for the root system to grow through.

The substrates contain macro- and microelements in a form readily available to plants.


Soil quality is controlled by the production laboratory, including the following stages: incoming component inspection, intermediate control during production and finished product inspection. New equipment of the enterprise allows avoiding production errors in 100% of cases.

After wetting, the substrates are completely ready for use and contain all the necessary nutrients in an amount that ensures normal growth and development of plants.

Quality control and a specially developed formulation for each species make the substrates efficient and easy to transport.

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