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Ural State Agrarian University

Ural State Agrarian University to foster peat industry development

The Ural State Agrarian University and Russian Peat Company LLC have signed a cooperation agreement on the venue of the TASS Urals information center. The partners will be promoting peat as agricultural soils and will be developing new competencies of students, Ural State Agrarian University Olga Lorets said after the signing ceremony.

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The regional administration has discussed the prospect of reviving the peat industry in the Smolensk region. In the course of a working meeting, Alexey Ostrovsky, Russian Peat Company General Director Sergey Merzlyakov and Torfoprom General Director Sergey Starovoitov addressed the implementation of investment projects aimed to build plants producing soils, substrates and fertilizers, as well as the development of new peat deposits for the purpose of peat harvesting and processing.