RPC Group enters into agreement with Kazan State Agrarian University

Russian Peat Company (RPC) Group entered into a cooperation agreement with the Kazan State Agrarian University on December 10.

RPC Group and the university have agreed to conduct joint research and evaluations. In addition, the company will be able to send its employees to the university for the purpose of professional development and retraining. The best students of the university will have their internships with RPC Group.

In the course of cooperation, the company has suggested four subjects for course and graduation papers of students and employees of the Kazan State Agrarian University. All the subjects are closely related to the core activity of RPC Group, namely:

  1. Replacement of mineral wool and coconut mats with peat mats in modern greenhouses;
  2. Innovative additives to nutrient peat soils;
  3. Peat-based organic fertilizers improving arable land fertility (open ground);
  4. Peat industry development prospects in modern agriculture, organic fertilizers, peat, humates, etc.

The authors of most interesting papers will receive expensive gifts and money as prizes!

Cooperation between the company and the university is not limited to that. There will also be training sessions, coaching events, release of education literature, advice on students’ graduation papers, etc.