About Us

RUSSIAN PEAT COMPANY (RPC) is a modern dynamic holding in the field of agriculture peat extraction and processing.

RPC develops peat fields, extracts peat and processes it at its own production facilities using the most modern high-performance equipment of the world's industry leaders, as well as develops innovative peat products for all types of agricultures. RPC manufactures ready-made peat products in all existing types and volumes of packaging.

The use of modern technologies and best practices will allow the company to become the leader of the Russian peat producers and processors in the coming years.


Company Mission

  • Provide the population with fresh vegetables and fruits grown using natural fertilizers
  • Stop the agricultural land degradation
  • Increase the agricultural land fertility and value

Agro-peat Production

The holding includes two production sites with their own licensed deposits – in the Smolensk and Sverdlovsk Regions, as well as the management company of the holding in Moscow.

Русская торфяная компания

Russian Peat Company LLC

  • Moscow

Torfoprom LLC

  • Smolensk Region

Ecoprom LLC

  • Sverdlovsk Region
Henan RPC Agrotech Co., Ltd

Henan RPC
Agrotech Co., Ltd

  • China
верховой торф низинный торф биоторф биоторф
грунт торф
торфяной субстрат
торф верховой для рассады
торф верховой для рассады


We extract peat in the Smolensk and Sverdlovsk Regions.

We sell peat throughout Russia, in neighboring countries, drafting the contracts for signing to supply to China, North Africa, and a number of Middle Eastern countries.