Soil for Roses

Completely ready nutritious peat soil for growing and rooting cuttings of roses (chrysanthemums, carnations, freesia, gerberas, cineraria, and other flowering crops).


When planting garden roses or completing growing rooted cuttings in a greenhouse, add the soil to the planting hole at the rate of 3-5 liters per plant. When growing indoor or outdoor roses in a pot culture, place drainage layer of 2-3 cm at the bottom of the planting container, fill it with soil and insert the plant slightly pressing the soil.

In early spring and during the budding period, add fresh soil. Instead of hilling rose bushes for winter, you can add nutrient soil with a layer of 10-15 cm, followed by embedding into the soil in spring. Soil for roses is a complete replacement for fertile soil, it provides good growth and intensive flowering.

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The composition of the soil

A mixture of peat of various degrees of decomposition
Limestone flour
Complex mineral fertilizer (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)

Nutrient content

(forms available for plants)
mg/l, not less than
Nitrogen (NH4 + N03) 120
Phosphorus (Р2О5) 140
Potassium (К2О) 200
Acidity: pH of salt suspension, not less than 5,5
Moisture content, not more than 65%