Ceramsite drainage


Optimizes moisture and air exchange.

Improves the outflow of excess water from pots (boxes, flowerpots) during overflow and provides better air access to the roots of flowers and indoor plants.

Prevents soil acidification (due to natural alkalinity).

Helps plants cope through dry periods thanks to high water retention capacity

We recommend that soils from Russian Peat Company be used as flower soil basis

Our soils exclude the presence of diseases, pests and weed seeds, have the optimum acidity for each plant type, and contain an individually developed composition of plant nutrients. RPC makes a wide range of soils for various types of plants in packages ranging from 2.5 to 50 liters.



Use as/for

Flower soil additive

While preparing flower soil, add ceramsite to soil at the 1 to 10 ratio and mix.

Drainage for potted plants

Place 1-2 centimeters of ceramsite on the pot bottom. If the pot does not have a drain hole, then 3-5 centimeters (1/4 of the container height) of ceramsite should be put on the bottom with a little soil on top before planting.

Prevent appearance of mold and moss

An even 1-centimeter layer of ceramsite is placed on the surface of soil in the plant pot.