Optimizes moisture and air exchange.

Ideal for rooting cuttings, sowing seeds and growing plants and for mulching to retain moisture. Improves the substrate structure

We recommend that soils from Russian Peat Company be used as flower soil basis

Our soils exclude the presence of diseases, pests and weed seeds, have the optimum acidity for each plant type, and contain an individually developed composition of plant nutrients. RPC makes a wide range of soils for various types of plants in packages ranging from 2.5 to 50 liters



Use as/for

Flower soil additive

While preparing flower soil, add vermiculite to soil at the 2 to 10 ratio and mix


Spread a 0.3-0.5 centimeter layer of vermiculite on the substrate surface to preserve moisture and prevent the formation of mold and moss.

Germinating seeds and rooting cuttings

Moisten vermiculite, fill in planting containers, sow seeds or plant cuttings. Drizzle lightly, cover with a 0.5 centimeter layer of vermiculite on top, spray occasionally.