Mulch (softwood bark or chips) is a natural material ideal for landscaping, mulching, decoration, protection from weeds, preservation of soil moisture, and soil enrichment with mineral elements and humus from decomposing mulch. Annual addition (refreshment) recommended in mulching and decoration.

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Spread an even mulch layer, one bag per 1 m², in early spring or after planting. For completely stopping weed growth, cover the soil with a non-woven material and spread an even layer of mulch on top.

Shrubs are mulched in a radius of 40-50 centimeters and trees in a radius of 70-80 centimeters in the crown projection. Mulching is particularly good for mulch conifers, heathers and rhododendrons, as it helps development of their root systems. In spring, mulching helps rapid warming of the soil due to its dark color.


Use one bag per 1 m² in decorating flower beds and trunk circles of shrubs and trees.

Autumn mulching

Autumn mulching with pine bark prevents the soil from freezing rapidly and protects plants and bulbs from frosts.

Mixing with soil

When added to the soil, it helps form optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants, increases looseness, optimizes moisture and air exchange, contains the development of pathogenic microflora, and activates the work of soil microorganisms. When planting conifers, it is recommended that mulch is added to soil in the 2 to 8 ratio.